About us

The Oxford University Society Berlin (OUS Berlin) is the official alumni organisation of the University of Oxford in Berlin, Germany. OUS Berlin hosts academic, social, and cultural events for Oxford alumni and family & friends. In addition, business events are organised in close cooperation with the local representative of Oxford Business Alumni, Vishal Kapadia (St Catherine’s).

Following the elections held on 22 November 2016, the OUS Berlin Committee is as follows:

President: Ottilie Klein, Kellogg

Vice-President: Marina Kolesnichenko, Lincoln

Treasurer and Website Officer: Natasha Coke, Magdalen

Communications Officer and Ethics Officer: Rina Soloveitchik, Mansfield

Volunteers who recently joined the team are:

Benjamin Wannenwetsch (St Peter’s), Florian Mockel (New), Heidrun Schalle (Queen’s), Lisa Booth (St Edmund Hall), Vishal Kapadia (St Catherine‘s), Claudia Wehrspaun (Magdalen), Emma Jones (Jesus)

Consistent with Oxford alumni groups around the world, this team focuses on creating ideal opportunities for sharing the intellectual and social interests of its members and their guests. If you want to be informed about alumni events in Berlin, please fill out the contact form.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Oxford Alumni Community (Page: Oxford University Society Berlin).

OUS Berlin is an autonomous group for alumni of the University of Oxford living in Berlin and the surrounding area and operates independently of the University. Responsibility for this website and any and all activities associated with it are the full responsibility of the group and its organising committee. This website is not maintained, monitored, or in any way under the control of the University of Oxford.